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I am a Writer, director, producerGrip, 
And Production Designer...
and I love  
every minute of iT!!!

My name is Ryan C Scott. I started Scotastic Productions in 2013, adopted the Scotastic name in 2014, and have been shooting films ever since. I have directed several films with Scotastic Productions, including The Girl from the Ground (2023), 

the Amongst the Undead pilot (2016), Linked (2017), and The Treasure of the Knights of Anopha (2018).

I also have Production Designed and Executive Produced a short film collaboration with Arcade Productions, Pfingst Pfilmed, and Always In Dev Studios called Just Desserts (2023).

When I am not working on my own creative endeavors, I work as part of the art department on several shows, including Food Network's Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, and Bobby Flay's Triple Threat


The Treasure of the Knights of Anopha, my undergraduate capstone film from 2018, with inspiration from director Terry Gilliam, and hints of humor, action, and drug-induced delights.

The Trailer for The Girl from the Ground, which I co-directed with Kevin Pullias. Starring Arianna Scarano, Missy Stevens, Victoria Faith Miller, Adam Vaughn, and Alexandra Faye Sadeghian.

Production Stills and BTS 


Ryan C Scott working on-camera on the set of Gordon Ramsay's Twenty Four Hours to Hell and Back Season Three in Manquin, Virginia. 


Ryan C Scott, alongside Christian Cordes, Missy Stevens, and Kevin Pullias on the set of Your Mission Isn't Over (2024)


Ryan C Scott applying the old man makeup application to actor Dillon Magnusson on the set of The Treasure of the Knights of Anopha (2018)


Ryan C Scott, alongside actors Isabel Hepburn, Kevin Pullias, and AK Ibraham on the set of Just Desserts (2023)

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