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Our Projects

Over the past decade, we have built a library of films, videos, client projects, and other amazing content. Check out our catalogue, and check back for the progress on new, amazing things!

Our Films

See What We Can Do!

What can we do? Check out these things!

Video and Film Production

Have a story to tell? We can help take your idea from your head, to the film set, and ultimately to the screen.

Lighting Design

You can't have a visually amazing film without good lighting. We can help you build an amazing grip and electric departments, and execute your vision.  

Art and Production Design

We pride ourselves with amazing visuals, and can help bring the right look to the screen.

Special Effects

Whether you need some fog and haze or a ton of blood from a gunshot or stab wound, we can bring your idea to the next level.

Client Projects

Our Video Library

Check out our library of videos from over the past ten years!

You can always find our full video library on YouTube.

The Girl from the Ground (2023)
Trailer One

Just Desserts (2023)
Official Trailer

Kevin Pullias's My Senior Project (2018)
Short Film

Beneath the Rain (2017)
Short Film

The Girl from the Ground (2023)
Trailer Two

The Treasure of the Knights of Anopha (2018)
Short Film

Linked (2017)
Short Film

Amongst the Undead (2016)
Pilot Episode

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