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Series Demo Pilot
Created by Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott

Logline: A storyteller chronicles a woman's journey through the post apocalytic wasteland after she wakes up in a bunker.

Production Status: Complete

Release: April 6, 2024 (World Premiere, Red Bank, NJ)

Estimated Internet Release Summer 2024

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Directors: Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott

Producers: Christian Cordes, Nathan C. Pfingst, Kevin Pullias, and Ryan C Scott

Writers: Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott


Stella: Arianna Scarano

Kaia the Scavenger: Missy Stevens

Ren: Victoria Faith Miller

Jackson: Adam Vaughn

Daniella Marten: Alexandra Faye Sadeghian

The Wolf: Forrest Renaissance

Cody: Justin Agins

Aden the Wolfsman: Matrell Smith

Ezekiel the Wolfsman: Christopher Orangeo

Al the Wolfsman: Joseph Bei

Storyteller: Kevin Pullias

Warriors: Morgan Tarrant, Justin Agins, Kevin Pullias, Darian Prezioso

DGN Bunker Survivors: Ryan C Scott, Matthew Sonnack, Ben Block, Nicole Biello


DP: Nathan C. Pfingst

ADs: Delfina Barbiero and Brian Brown

Gaffer: Kurtis Pfingst

Grip: Emily Harding

Sound: Christian Cordes

Production Designer: Ryan C Scott

PA: Ben Peregrine

PA: Darian Prezioso

PA: Ariana Myers

PA: Ava Madarieta

PA: Jason Apruzzese

Editors: Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott

Music Composition: Adam Guzik

Made in Conjunction With:

Awards and Nominations:

(Nominated) Best NJ Short - Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival

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