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Logline: Two women on the run realize their pursuers might be the world's worst "bad guys" ever.

Production Status: Complete

Release: World Premiere January 19, 2024

Director: Ryan C Scott

Producers: Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott

Writers: Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott


Jess: Johanna Leftever

Dante: Kevin Pullias

Neil: Justin Agins

Val: Morgan Tarrant

Alba: Nicole Biello


AD: Kurtis Pfingst

DP: Nathan C. Pfingst

Grip: Patrick McLaughlin

Sound: Christian Cordes

PA: Ariana Myers

BTS: Matthew Michaud

3Idiots_Still (6).jpg
3Idiots_Still (7) (1).jpg
3Idiots_Still (3).jpg
3Idiots_Still (2).jpg
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