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Director: Ryan C Scott

Producers: Ryan C Scott, Kevin Pullias, and Leia Cunningham

Writers: Kevin Pullias and Ryan C Scott

Story by: Ryan C Scott and Liam Carey


Virgil: Jeff Tegeler

Lee: Valerie Boyd

Gilbert: Michael David Anderson

Carlos: Kevin Pullias

Antony: Jefe the Entertainer (Isaac Loyal Jr.)

The Scientist: John Zervas

'Fectos: Josh Acevedo, Stephanie Hyde, Colton Merwin, Matt Patti, Ryan C Scott


AD: Kevin Pullias

AC: Colton Merwin

DP: Ryan C Scott

Costume Design: Ryan C Scott, Leia Cunningham, Gabriela Biddle

SFX Makeup: Ryan C Scott and Stephanie Hyde

PAs: Adam Vaughn, Charlie Franks, Josh Herrera, Matt Patti

Editor: Ryan C Scott

Post Production Sound: Caitlyn McElroy, Kevin Pullias, and Ryan C Scott

Amongst the Undead Title White.png

Logline: Three years after a virus has devastated the planet, the cure rests safe inside a girl on the run. Gilbert, a man with a thirst for immunity will do anything to get his hands on it.

Production Status: Pilot Complete

Release: June 2, 2016

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